Jump 'n Buddies

You may need to click into the game window to start.

Change Log:
9-06-17: Added spikes on a new level.
9-23-17: Added new level with multiple platforms. The hardest level yet.
9-19-17: 1-up star only collectible once. Cheesy You Win screen added.
9-14-17: Added lives system; game over screen, and 1-up star
8-30-17: All new run and jump physics, no more sliding or sticking to walls. New Level 8 (in process)
1-14-17: New skin for Jump from @KennyNL
7-10-16: Custom skins for the Buddies
6-26-16: Got platforms working. Added a platform to level 3

Idea Log:
Custom skin for Jump
Add coins to collect
Add enemies
Add level number display to the top of the screen
Add lives counter
Add timer and best times
Updated intro screen